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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

The weather condition during winters is quite harsh across Britain. Snowfall is a common occurrence. To tackle these extremities, it is essential to mount winter tyres in Horseley Fields for a safe and efficient drive.

The collection of winter tyres at Martini Tyre Services is unmatchable in its variety as well as quality. From Michelin to Continental, you’ll find all the recognisable tyre brands at our facility. Drop by today and choose from the highest EU rated winter tyres at the most affordable prices.

What makes winter tyres unique?

Winter tyres are your car’s perfect companion when the temperature remains consistently below 7°C. These tyres can handle temperatures going well below the freezing point. There are some features of these tyres which make them uniquely suited for the purpose.

  • Winter tyres in Horseley Fields are manufactured using a softer rubber compound. It ensures that the tyre remains pliable in frigid temperatures without getting stiff. The soft compound also offers a better grip on wet and slippery roads of winter.
  • They feature deep grooves which are adept at channelling water quickly from beneath the tyre’s surface. This high aquaplaning resistance comes in handy on wet roads.
  • There are numerous tiny indentations all across the body of a winter tyre. These are called sipes, and they help bite the snow with more force.
  • Winter tyres are compatible with snow chains, which are necessary for deep snow.

Best winter tyres

Every major tyre manufacturer has a catalogue of winter tyres. We choose the best among them for our clients’ convenience. Here are a few models that might interest you.

  • Pirelli SottoZero 3
  • Bridgestone Blizzak LM001
  • Dunlop Winter Sport 5
  • Michelin Alpin 5

Along with these, you’ll find several other models of winter tyres in Horseley Fields at our garage. Martini Tyre Services is known for the quality and affordability of its products and services. Rest assured, you won’t find a better collection of tyres in this vicinity, especially not at the prices that we offer.

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