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wheel balance

Improper wheel balance is a prevalent issue plaguing thousands of cars across the UK. It is a severe problem with potentially far-reaching consequences. Yet, most motorists fail to diagnose it in time as its symptoms are consistent with a plethora of other issues.

Martini Tyre Services is one of the most prominent car service garages specialising in all kinds of tyre-related services, including wheel balancing in Horseley Fields. We also retail quality spare tyres and offer other car services as well.

How to know when wheels are off balance?

What automobile experts call out-of-balance wheels is nothing but the uneven distribution of mass across the body of a tyre. It is a rather commonplace phenomenon and happens with almost any tyre after a certain point. Its symptoms include:

  • Bulges on the tyre body where heavy spots develop
  • Constant vibrations felt through the floorboard as a result of those bulges
  • Drastically reduced fuel mileage
  • Uneven and rapid tread wear, mostly in patches around the lumps

These are some of the surest signs that your car is due for a session of wheel balancing in Horseley Fields. Even if you don’t witness any of these signs, automobile experts recommend having your wheel balance checked every 6 months, along with wheel alignment.

Bring it to our garage ASAP and avail class-leading wheel balancing service from prominent automobile technicians.

Why choose us?

Martini Tyre Services has been serving the automotive needs of the residents of Horseley Fields and beyond for a better part of three decades now. Our experience is as comprehensive as our prices are competitive.

When it comes to wheel balancing in Horseley Fields, we remain the primary choice of most of the motorists here. Our garage is equipped with cutting-edge machinery that performs wheel balancing more quickly and accurately than anything you have seen elsewhere.

Bring your car to our garage today if you suspect that your car’s wheel balance is off. It is advisable to take an appointment in advance. Call us on the given number.

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