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With the end of world war in 1942, a giant-company-in-the-making was established in Seoul, South Korea. The company was named Heung-A Tire Company, with the core vision of development of tyre manufacturing techniques, and its advancement with technology. But it failed to deliver what it promised.

Like every successful story, Nexen too has its fair share of failure. It was the beginning of a new century; time was changing, and so was Nexen. The company finally renamed itself from Woosung tyre to Nexen, and everything changed after that.

We, Martini tyres admire its courage to fight against all the odds, and hence, entrust our sincere faith in the quality and standards of Nexen tyres Horseley Fields.

Our customers often question why we recommend Nexen for their tyres; for this, we come up with the following points:

1. Nexen is a brand that knows how important are its valuable customers. With the vision of "we live together for tomorrow," Nexen is committed to working its best to deliver the unrivalled customer service in the market of tyres manufacturers. It is one of the most approachable brands to contact at the customer level.

2. Nexen doesn't want to lag when it comes to the advancement of tyres. It makes use of its cutting edge technology that has gone through years and years of rigorous research to produce the tyres of tomorrow.

The company acknowledges the driving conditions and puts different region weather conditions into consideration while developing its tyres and designs. Resultantly, the tyres are specific to the countries and their requirements.

3. For its brilliant work, Nexen has been appraised more than many times. Its Green hive technology got it America's idea award, while the excellent Nfera SU1 tyres model helped it acquire the German IF design award. Germany red Dot design award and Japanese good design awards are just a few among the many.

4. It is not only trusted by us for its exceptional performance and durability, but some of the biggest giants in the automotive industry trust it highly. Nexen is shining as the original equipment across leading car manufacturing brands like PORSCHE, SKODA, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, etc.

5. Nexen produces durable tyres that last longer than most of the tyres in the comparable range. The tyres maintain superior tread life, high performance and also, most importantly, affordability.

It is a brand of individuals who are dedicated and passionate about innovation, with the experience of the old. The personnel at Nexen make use of two of the largest manufacturing facilities in the whole world to suffice the need of the market.

The ideas at Nexen are in work, keeping the next century in mind. We, Martini tyres, can never be more sure of a brand and its products as we are for Nexen Tyres.

In case you are looking to buy your own set of brand new Nexen tyres in Horseley Fields, buy them online with us. You can also visit our store and choose your own model of tyres from an extensive range of brand new tyres in excellent shape.



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