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Ranked No.1 in the global tyre ranking, Michelin produces cutting-edge tyres with special focus on optimising handling, performance, safety and fuel economy. Michelin is a name synonymous with constant innovation and delivering ultimate driving pleasure.

At Martini Tyre Services, we offer a wide variety of Michelin car tyres in Horseley Fields to suit every motorist’s need. You can pick from a wide range of cheap Michelin tyres in Horseley Fields from different make and model.

Our in-house experts have handpicked these 3 for you.

a. Pilot Super Sport ZP

Co-designed with leading sports car manufacturers – Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes, Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport ZP offer a striking combination of extreme performance and safety.

Engineered with Dynamic Response technology - Pilot Super Sport ZP ensures optimum transmission of braking and steering on the tarmac. Constructed using aramid and nylon micro-fibres – this tyre from Michelin holds its shape and deliver improved traction. You can buy this sports variant along with other Michelin car tyres in Horseley Fields at lowest prices.

b. Michelin Defender Self-Seal

After running a series of simulated tests – Defender Self-Seal displayed the highest level of performance and longevity. This all-season tyre from Michelin sports V-shaped tread patterns with 3D self-locking function that provides enough grips on the road surface.

Built from a unique mix of silica-infused rubber compounds – this tyre is designed to maximise traction level as you drive. Furthermore, using Defence-Pro technology, it offers impressive water displacement capability. This reduces the chances of hydroplaning. You can buy this along with other cross-climate Michelin tyres online from our website.

c. Pilot Exalto PE2

Michelin’s Pilot PE2 offers a combination of stability and durability. Buying this tyre from Martini Tyre Services increases your safety on the road. It provides excellent handling in slippery road conditions and also ensures an impressive braking distance.

Why choose us?

At Martini Tyre Services, we provide 100% genuine, high-quality Michelin tyres with the company's in-comprehensive warranty. Visit us today for the best set of Michelin tyres.



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