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Tyres are the most vital part of your vehicle that helps you to drive comfortably and safely, even on toughest of road conditions. Moreover, they maintain proper coordination with the wheels and suspension system, so your car moves precisely on the road. Martini Tyres host the best quality tyres from reputable manufacturers like Dunlop, Nexen, Goodyear, Bridgestone, etc. 

Moreover, you can also select from a variety of summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season and performance tyres. Visit our garage today, and get them fitted professionally by experts.

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are designed to outlast and provide excellent traction and stability even on rough terrains. Moreover, these tyres come with a specialised tread pattern that helps to reduce the rolling resistance and lower the carbon emissions. 

Ranging from 4x4 to hatchback tyres, Martini Tyres promises tested and safe tyres that are guaranteed to ensure your optimum comfort while driving.

Seasonal Tyres

Martini Tyres host the best collection of summer, winter, and all-season tyres from renowned manufacturers. The summer tyres Shenstone at our garage are made up of a hard rubber compound that can quickly dissipate the heat and provide your car with cornering stability even at high speeds. 

Whereas, our winter tyres are made up of a soft rubber compound that can help you to drive comfortably even at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. 

Other than summer and winter tyres, we also host a collection of all-season tyres that are built to support you throughout the entire year. This is because all-season tyres are made of an all-weather compound that can help you to drive on dry summer roads and even on icy roads.

4x4 Tyres

4X4 Tyres are known to enhance the performance of your 4-wheel drives and SUV’S. These car tyres Shenstone enable your car to grip efficiently on the road and even reduce the impacts by bouncing and hopping. Moreover, 4X4 tyres also provide you with stability on uneven and rough terrains.

Other than enhanced performances, the carcass design of 4X4 tyres enables them to carry heavy loads for your vehicle.

Run-Flat Tyres

Run-Flat Tyres are known to offer excellent safety on the roads when a puncture has occurred. These tyres are capable of running safely for 50 miles after a puncture. Make sure to check out our collection of excellent run-flat tyres.

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