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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Checks for your vehicle?

Pneumatic tyres were one of the most disruptive inventions as far as automotive technology goes. Its importance is underlined by the fact that even after over a century of their invention, we haven’t been able to come up with a better solution that is practical for the mass market.


With pneumatic tyres, the primary responsibility of every car owner is to ensure that the proper inflation pressure is maintained. Drive-in to Martini Tyre Services for an accurate tyre pressure check In Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton absolutely free of charge. There are numerous disadvantages attached to improper inflation pressure, all of which are detrimental to the state of your tyres and the performance of your car.

Disadvantages of inadequate tyre inflation pressure

According to leading sources, over 55% of all British cars run on tyres underinflated by as much as 4PSI. It is a dangerous practice that affects numerous aspects of driving.

  • With over-inflated tyres, the risk of a blowout increases manifold.
  • Both under and over-inflation lead to uneven and accelerated tread wear. In case of under-inflation, the sidewall area of the tyre withstands maximum pressure and erodes more. It’s just the opposite with over-inflation where the central tread area wears more.
  • Over 3% of increased fuel consumption is recorded when the pressure is below-par by 6PSI. According to estimates, British motorists waste over £600 million worth of oil due to this.
  • The handling and cornering abilities of a car are severely compromised due to improper inflation.
  • The lifespan of a tyre reduces by a significant margin if it is consistently under-inflated.

As must be evident by now, tyre inflation pressure is not something that one can take lightly. Avail our complimentary tyre pressure check Wolverhampton at least once every month for the best performance of your car.

Maintain appropriate tyre pressure

Tyre inflation pressure is the most elementary checkpoint that you must cross for the proper functioning of your car. Drive by to Martini Tyre Services and let our professionals carry out a tyre inflation pressure check In Horseley Fields.

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