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Are you looking for the best Puncture Repairs for your vehicle?

Martini Tyre Services has earned the reputation of being a quality car service station in Horseley Fields with decades of experience to back it up. We are the first choice for countless motorists in this region, who trust us to prioritise their automotive concerns and perform above-par car service.


Our technicians are well-adept in mending any trouble you might experience with your car. Although we are a comprehensive car care garage, puncture repair in Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton is one of our primary areas of expertise.

What causes tyre punctures?

Punctures are as old a problem as tyres themselves. If you have been driving for any significant amount of time, you must have encountered it on more occasions than one. Unfortunately, punctures are not entirely preventable. However, understanding the primary reasons behind their occurrence may help you avoid them to a certain extent.

  • Improper inflation pressure

Both over and under-inflation of tyres may accelerate the chances of a puncture. Over-inflation is particularly dangerous as it may lead to blowouts.

  • Road debris

Sharp objects on the road are the leading causes of punctures. Something as simple as a stray nail or broken glass may lead to leaks.

  • Damaged valves

Valves act as the gatekeeper that regulated air flow inside tyres in only one direction. If the valve is damaged, loss of air pressure is likely to happen.

  • Tyre bead leaks

The point at which the tyre meets the rim is known as its bead. Improper tyre mounting may lead to air leaks through the beads.

Our tyre repair service in Horseley Fields

At Martini Tyre Services, we fix all types of punctures that conform to the British Standards. Do keep in mind that the same set of standards forbids repairs the following types of leaks.

  • Leaks over 6mm in diameter
  • Run-flat damage
  • Previously repaired tyres
  • Sidewall damage

In case your tyres have sustained these types of damage, we recommend that you get yourself a new set of tyres from our garage for puncture repair Wolverhampton.

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